Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Tuesday Quick Tip

Have you ever heard someone say, everything I ever needed to know I learned in kindergarten? I think that expression needs to be revised. Maybe if there had been a Pinterest when I was in kindergarten I could agree with it. Ha!
This one is so simple that I could kick myself for not thinking of it first. I finally tried this trick out when I opened a new roll of wrapping paper to package my baby shower gift this past weekend. I love when it's all new and perfect. The problem is keeping the paper neat and perfect while storing it. 
If you wrap a rubber band around it, it gets all wrinkly and can even tear. If you tape it closed, you ruin the paper when you remove it to wrap the next gift. I have resorted to just leaving it loose, but then it gets caught up on the other rolls of paper and still gets messed up.
What I learned from Pinterest: Toilet Paper Rolls! Just cut the roll down the side.
Then cuff it around the paper roll.
Ta-da!  Problem solved.
Told you this one was simple.
What little tricks have you learned from Pinterest?

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