Friday, May 11, 2012

Crocheted Baby Afghan

Twinkle Little Star Blanket
The promised baby afghan is finally complete and not a moment too soon. The baby shower is tomorrow! This is a Bernat pattern, which can be found here. It's made with Bernat Baby Coordinates, which is a soft, sport weight yarn.  I'm a big fan of Bernat.  They have quality yarn and their website has tons of free patterns.  I really like how you can search by pattern or by yarn and they will match up projects for you. Plus, I rarely have a problem with their yarns tangling right out of the skein.

Although this color combination is quite cute, it can really be completed with a variety of colors.  I happened to have a stash of purple shades and thought it would work out well. 
What I really like about patterns like this, is that you can work on it a little at a time and it travels really well since it you complete each block individually.  It's also a good project for beginners because you don't get overwhelmed at the size of the project.  Little victories, people! Don't be worried if you haven't ever tried filet crochet before (star pattern).  This one is super easy and the instructions are really clear.
This blanket is also a fairly good size, so it will still be useful for the little one as he/she grows. Thanks for a great pattern, Bernat!  I think I'll try my hand at creating a different filet pattern to have a little variety when I make this one again. Onto the party and onto another project.  Happy crafting!
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