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It's been quite awhile since I have posted anything here.  I've kept up with Facebook and Instagram, but I stepped away from the blog. Yes, life added more complications. Work took over.  Sold my house, divorced, re-married, bought a new house, had a baby, sold house and moved to another state, bought another house.  Those are just the highlights.  Those are not the reasons that I stepped away.   A woman blasted me accusing me of stealing her relative's pattern and posting it as my own.  She did this on every social media platform. I had clearly stated in the pattern that I took parts from other patterns that I liked over the years. An arm here, the edging from here, the collar from there, etc.  Is it possible that part of it was from her relative's pattern?  Maybe.  I don't recall.  I do give credit when I can. I took this really hard.  She didn't even demand I take it down. She just wanted to blast me, publically. So, I stepped away.  I stopped crocheting.  I