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Long time...

I know it has been a really long time since I have posted anything. My life has been busy, to say the least. I am finishing up my last class for the Spring term and then I will have only 2 classes left until I finally complete my Master's. It's been a long time coming. Work keeps me busy, too. We have had some MAJOR budget cuts which has impacted everything imaginable. One of my last two classes got cut for summer, so now I won't graduate until fall. :( On a happier note, I won the college performance award and then more recently, I won the University Outstanding Staff award. The girls are doing good. We just got back from a Spring Break trip that we really enjoyed. I'll post more about that later with some pictures. David's father was diagnosed with mesothelioma earlier this year. He's hanging in there as best he can. It's been stressful on David being so far away. Well, I post again soon with some pictures of our trip and maybe even some of the