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Rainbow Loom Hook covers

Did your kiddos get a Rainbow Loom for Christmas? If so, you should put them to work. It's only fair since they leave those little bands all over the place, right? There are tons of YouTube videos to show you (or them) how. We used this one and it worked well for us. Little tip: When you insert your hook, cross the bands on the top and bottom over one more time for a more secure fit.   So many color options! I loved trying to coordinate with the hook color. Best of all, the hook fits better in my hand and doesn't get sore and tired as quickly. Even the little hooks fit perfectly.   See how cute?!?  All the bright colors make me so happy. Quick and easy. I'm ready to make more!

Slow Cook Pork Loin

I promised on the Facebook page that I would post this recipe if it turned out good. Well, guess what? It was pretty darn good and so simple to make. I originally found this on Pinterest, but when I went back for it, the page was gone. Boo. That's ok. I found one similar and just pieced it together from what I remembered on the original one. Even better, pork loin happened to be on sale at the time.  Slow Cook Apple Pork Loin Ingredients 1-2 pound pork loin One baking apple - I liked Fuji or McIntosh One medium onion - pick your favorite. I used white. 1/2 cup apple juice (optional - I find pork loin tends to dry out easily) honey cinnamon  Directions Make even vertical slices down pork loin - about 3/4 through Insert apple slices into loin Pour juice into crock pot and place loin on top Drizzle loin with honey and sprinkle with cinnamon (to taste, you don't need a lot) Toss in any extra apples and onion slices Cook for 3-4 hours on low until meat has

Learning to Knit

It's been awhile since I have posted. Not because I didn't have anything to say or that I haven't been making anything, but mostly because I broke my camera. What's a blog without pictures? Actually, both my cameras. It will probably take me a year to decide on a new one. So I decided to just bite the bullet and use my iPad until then. I apologize in advance for the less than adequate images.  Actually, I was quite busy during the holidays. I made so many beautiful things and didn't take any photos. Boo to that. Now that the spring term in underway and I have most of my course set up for my students, I have a little time to make some more stuff. Only I can't just do that. No....I have to do something totally new. Sort of. I have tried to knit before, but I always became frustrated and gave it up. I'm doing a little better this time around. I still prefer crocheting. It's easier for me and quicker. However, I do like the look of knitting and definitely