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Shabby Apple Giveaway

Head over to the Creative Princess for your chance to win the beautiful Da Vinci dress from Shabby Apple!  Just click here for more details.   Shabby Apple is offering all Creative Princess friends a 10% discount on anything you would like to purchase. Just use the code "creativeprincess10off" when you check out!  This offer expires in 30 days, so you better act quick to order your Christmas dresses for this year.  The winner must have a US shipping address and will be announced next Tuesday (11/15). Giveaway ends at midnight on Monday (11/14). There are no exchanges for the winning dress.

Sew no more

So much for posting more often.   Right in the middle of finishing up a project last night, my darn sewing broke.   Again!   This is the 4 th time, too.   Something with the bobbin holder, but I’m not sure what the real problem is.   My sweet husband is going to take to the repair shop today while I’m at work, so maybe I’ll have it back again sometime this week.    So what am I working on?   Can’t tell you that, exactly.   But this is my inspiration:   Stay tuned for the rest of the sewing machine drama….