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News Alert!

So after putting up with David for 8 years, I decided to move onto someone with a little more....well, more. What do you think? Doesn't Brad make a nice addition to our family? On a more serious note, it just goes to show you that you can't always beleive what you see in the can photoshop anything! This one isn't perfect, but it was done in a very short amount of time. I also did this photo, which is really difficult to tell that the girls weren't really there!

Two, too cute!

I made these two little cuties for Kassidy and Kourey. They are still at Camp Grandma's, so they should be getting them in the mail today. The instructions were in Japanese, so I had to wing it, but they turned out pretty cute. Guess it's time to see what else I can make!

Our trip to Naples

This past weekend, David took me on a quick surprise getaway to Naples, Florida. We were celebrating our 8th anniversary. It was hot, but we still enjoyed ourselves. We stayed at the Ritz-Carlton Tiburon Golf Resort. Wow! Friday we enjoyed the room and the pool. Saturday we went to the beach and then to the Mall (to cool off!) for a little shopping. Sunday we were able to play 18 holes at the famous Tiburon course. 17 holes were horrible...but I had the only birdie of the day on a par three hole. That was very exciting. If you would like to see the pictures, go here : Maybe someday we will go back again.

Lastest creation

I made these "foot-lops" (that's what she calls them) for Kourey. I think she is going to like them. I'm half-way through with a pair for Kassidy. I don't think Kassidy will like the same colors or flowers, so I'm trying to come up with something a little different. It's been quite without the girls here. David and I went to the driving range Saturday. It had been awhile since I had been out golfing. I got a blister on my thumb...ouch! I'm half-way through the summer semester. So far I have an 'A' average in my class. This class hasn't been so terrible, so far. Slowly, but surely, I'm getting through all of these courses. I will glad to be finished. We're going to go see the girls this coming weekend so David can spend Father's Day with his little princesses. Kourey has really been whining this year about missing us. Usually, she doesn't even want to talk to us. Not sure why things are different this year. Wel

Catching up

Ok, so it has been awhile. Just keeping busy with the same old stuff, really. Kassidy finished the 4th grade with a bang. All 'A's. We took her to Georgia this past weekend to stay the summer with Grandma and Grandpa. Kourey has her dance recital this coming Saturday, so we will ship her off after that......ah, I love summer. I just hope Grandma can keep up with them. It's been awfully dry here in Florida. Our poor lawn has about had it. It's this time of year that we all start hoping for tropical activity just to get us some moisture. Other than that, it's just business as usually. I'm hoping to get the house cleaned out and straightened up while the girls are gone. I took one class in the Spring and now one more this summer. This class hasn't been as bad as the one in the Spring, so far. After that, just 6 more classes to go! Ok everyone...start your rain dances....until next time.

Getting crafty again!

So I made this cute little bear for Lee (at my work) for Easter. And I also made these adorable babies. Kassidy suggested a nose, so the purple was made second and aquired the sense of smell. The problem with making these cute things isn't that I want to hang onto them (which I do) but that my girls want to keep them. I'm glad they like the stuff I make. I hope it keeps them creative, too!

Happy Easter

Ok , so Easter wasn't much fun...I was sick and then Kassidy got sick. Actually, I'm still sick. Guess it's time to give in and go to the doctor. So, back to Easter. The girls got up and went on an egg hunt and then opened their beautiful baskets Nancy (from my work) got them. They loved it. Then Kassidy went back to bed, poor thing. My parents came down for the weekend, but I know I wasn't much company. So, it was good to see them and dad helped me with my paper for school. That's about it. The girls went bowling (I stayed home to sleep)and then we just hung out together.

Rocky Top

David loves Tennessee Vols football so much that I just had to make him a pillow to go with the rest of the orange/Vols stuff he has collected. Now this fall he can bring this out for the games. I'm sure he won't be including the doll, but I thought you could see how big the pillow is with something else in the picture.

The Bunny came early!

Kassidy and Kourey received their Easter gifts from Grandma Mary and Grandpa Jerry today. They were so excited that we let them open it early. As you can see from the pictures, they love it! The pirates have invaded!

Kourey's Haircut

When we returned from our Spring Break trip, Kassidy and I went to pick up the dogs and David wanted to get his hair cut. So, we dropped him and Kourey off and went to pick up Keita and Daisy. When we returned, we found that Kourey had quite a bit of her hair cut off....she wanted a haircut, too. I wasn't thrilled with it at first, but after awhile, I decided that it looked much better than before. It looks too grown up, though, but healthier. She loves it. Kassidy got her hair trimmed the next day. She has been growing it out for Locks of Love. She has 14 inches available now and the gal cutting her hair said that it was in great shape and would be a terrific donation because her hair is so thick. Perhaps this summer, before all the swimming starts, Kassidy will be ready to donate. She has been growing it for so will be hard to see her with short hair again, but I'm proud of her for what she wants to do.

Job Update - David

David finally accepted a job at USF. I think he would rather be in a federal position, but for now it at least will pay the bills, give us a discount on medical insurance, and allow us to carpool together. At least I can stick around and work on my Master's some more. I just recently received my grad certificate that I finished this Fall. Kourey is happy to be back at La Petite full time, but I'm not too thrilled about picking Kassidy up from school every day. It's such a long drive down there. I'm pretty sure that we will be picking a new school for the girls this Fall. Either they will go to the school near our house, or the one on campus. Time to check it all out. Kourey will be starting kindergarten this Fall, so things will be changing again. We just got back from a 5 day trip through Georgia. We went to Helen, GA and visited a Model Railroad Museum (that is where the family picture above was taken), Babyland General (home to the Cabbage Patch Doll), the GA Aquari

Now open for viewing...

After starting this blog for a class, I never had any intentions of letting anyone else view or adding to it. But, I thought I would give it a shot and send this out with my web page. Now friends and family can chat with me about anything. So, give it a try?