Monday, May 21, 2012

So long Snow White

With the last weekend of the Flower and Garden Fest at EPCOT, we decided to make a quick trip to Orlando to see the flowers one last time and bid farewell to the Snow White ride at Magic Kingdom.
The Socerer's Apprentice greeted us at the front entrance. K2 will jump at any chance to be in the picture. Even if it means being nice to her sister.
The fairy garden keeps getting better each year. Tinkerbell holds a special place in our family, so this is a must see. Bambi was hiding out in the butterfly house with his friends.

And then it was time to ride Snow White for the last time. I remember riding this ride when I was really little and I have taken my girls on it since they were born.
Disney is removing it, but they are replacing it with an updated Snow White Mine Ride. I'm sure it will be great and we will love it, but the original will be missed.
So long, sweet princess.

This is how K2 feels about the ride closing. See, even her buddies at the Haunted Mansion are sad! Thank goodness we have our memories. Who knows? Maybe they will bring her back like they did the Sunshine Tree Terrace orange juice ice cream swirls.  
The day ended well with that forgotten treat. Sometimes Disney does right by us ;)

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