Thursday, May 31, 2012

Roll it Out!

I survived two weeks of running 4.5 miles. This weekend I will move up to five miles and be half-way to my ten mile goal. I'm getting into new territory now. In the past, I stopped running during the summer because of the heat. However, it's too hard for me to start back up so I am going to have to find a way to deal with it.
I now carry a small bottle of water with me which I sip on during my walk breaks. It helps, but I'm finding that toward the end of my run I am really drained. My guess is that I'm running out of fuel and will need to start planning for that as my miles increase. I'm sure I'm sabotaging myself by not controlling my pace better. The walk breaks make me feel like I can run faster, so I do. However, by the end of my run I'm starting to have a hard time breathing. Some of this is from my asthma and some is due to the hot, muggy weather.

All this extra running is making me hungry all the time, so I've really had to watch what I eat. I don't find myself craving sweets like I used to, but I'm always thirsty. Knock on wood, I've also been injury free. I'm careful to warm up and stretch out after. One thing I couldn't live without is a foam roller.
You can get one of these from any sports store or even from Wal-Mart. They are pretty inexpensive and could become your best friend. During K2's first season of cross country, she had trouble with her IT band. See how to use the foam roller for that here. My hamstrings have been really tight after running, so  a few minutes on the roller have been really helpful.
I also have this funky stick roller that give you an amazing massage on your calves. It works just like a rolling pin and can prevent injuries as well as help alleviate pain. 

The great think about running is that it can be a pretty inexpensive hobby. Neither one of the rollers are necessary, but they are nice to have around. My shoes are still my most expensive piece and they last quite awhile. Wish me luck this weekend as I get to my half-way mark.  Oh, and send cooler weather to Florida, if you can.
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