Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Foggy Headlights

Not long ago, I saw a pin on Pinterest about cleaning your car headlights.  So I pinned it and proceeded to forget about it.  I've been seeing a lot of commercials about headlight cleaners, so I thought I would go find my pin and see if this really works
My Pinterest Pin
Time to run my own Myth Busters episode. The only thing you need is toothpaste and a rag, which is promising because the ads on TV aren't selling the cheap stuff. See how foggy my headlight looks?  I thought it was condensation on the inside. Nope.  This is actually a build-up on the outside. Ten years worth.
I grabbed some toothpaste and a clean cloth.  The instructions don't say not to use gel, but I took it as a rule since I don't know that it would have much of an abrasion to it.
Then I started rubbing it in with little circles.  I thought my arm was going to fall off.  I could see some of the junk coming off, but I could also see some still there.  I went as long as I could, but this was proving to be quite a workout.
Rinse with water and dry the headlight.
It didn't get all the gunk off, but you can definitely tell a difference.  

Waiting ten years to do this probably wasn't a good idea. I think I will repeat the process a few times a year, maybe quarterly, and see if I can get more off and keep it from getting so bad again. Hubby's car is newer, so he should do his now.  Hint, hint, it's your turn!

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