Friday, June 22, 2012

Gala Cosplay

Pinkamena decided to attend the MetroCon Gala in her new dress. All I can say is that I'm glad it's over. I don't mind sewing, but making these costumes without a pattern is not my cup of tea. It's hard enough to teach someone to sew WITH a pattern. Not to mention that K1 swore she wouldn't make another costume. I knew she was lying when she said it the first three times and I said it before here.
This time it started with her drawing.
We started with the top. It began as a tube top, but turned into a tank top when she remembered how awkward she felt in the last costume without straps. Let me tell you...making stripes diagonal is no easy task!
After deciding that fur would be too hot and itchy, we went with a soft tulle around the neckline and finished it off with a stuffed bow.
A simple bow was added to the shoe, which already had a bow on top. I'm glad knit doesn't fray, because I was getting tired of finishing all the edges off and we were running out of time.
Luckily, K1 was able to work on her little candy details while I wrestled the scallops.
She made these cute little candy corns out of felt.
Aren't these lollipops just darling?
And here is the scalloped edge. I actually ended up drawing her lines with chalk and letting her sew it together.
These scallops were a little easier since I just made them using small vertical gathers.
Don't you just love these little candies I crocheted? I found the pattern by accident while browsing the Ravelry site. You can find the pattern hereWell, it came down to the wire, but we finished it in time for the Gala.
She swears she's done with making costumes...yeah, right. I don't believe it this time either.

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