Friday, June 01, 2012

MetroCon Cosplay

K1 swears that she is done making new cosplay outfits and will only improve upon the others we have already made. Uh, right. That promise didn't last long. This is her drawing for her latest idea for the upcoming Metrocon. For those of you who don't know about all this "con" stuff, it's a convention for anime.  Some conventions also pair up with sci-fi, but this particular one is just anime. These conventions are huge and almost everyone comes dressed as their favorite character. I have seen some pretty amazing costumes over the past few years, but I refuse to let K1 invest that kind of money into it.

Very few people buy their costumes, although you can find many for sale on the Internet. Costumes usually must be self-made to be eligible for the costume contest and the creativity is unbelievable.
K1 created this Pinkamena costume for Megacon in Orlando this past spring. She actually sewed a lot of herself - she's learning.
This Organization costume is Zexion from Disney's Kingdom Hearts.
Metro Con last year K1 went as Germany from Hetalia. She was rather excited to see "Jareth" from Labyrinth, mostly because she is completely obsessed with David Bowie.
This little Hetalia skirt she made for EXP Con was adorable, but crazy hard to make. I had never made a pleated skirt before so it was difficult for me to teach her how. Plus, we had to alter the pattern to be what she wanted. It turned out pretty good.
The best part was meeting Chris Sabat for her birthday. He is probably best known for his voice of Vegeta on Dragon Ball Z. I wasn't much of a fan of the cons until I met him. He was so genuine (unlike other voice actors I had met) and really great with all the kids. I am a HUGE fan of his now. He really made her birthday special. This man is incredibly talented and is completely authentic. Thank you, Chris.
Back to the current cosplay...we finished the shirt and this weekend we will move onto the skirt. Finding patterns for something similar is next to impossible, so we pretty much wing it. The skirt itself will not be difficult, but there are lots of little "candy" details that will keep her busy until the 15th of June. We'll keep you posted along the way. Have a great weekend!
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