Friday, April 27, 2012

Star Flower

It's Friday and time to start crafting!

As I clean out all this yarn, I'm finding lots of little scraps. I hate to throw it away, but there's not enough to make much. Actually, it only take a very small amount to make one! There are so many varieties that you can make and you can do things with them such as embellishing clothes, bags, or headbands. I came up with this little pattern to use up my smallest amount of yarn.  It's a star flower.

You can use any type yarn, but this flower has both worsted weight and bulky weight yarn.  I used a H-size hook.  This is a forgiving pattern, so use what you have and go with it.

1. Chain 4.
2. Join to make a circle.
3. Make 11 sc into circle and fasten off.
4. Join second color in next sc.
5. Chain two.
6. Complete 2 hdc and 1 sc into same opening. 
Petal made.
7. Skip one sc and repeat step 6 above around the circle. Join in first petal.
Fasten off and leave a long tail.
I decided to put a hair elastic on the back of this one by slip stitching a few times over the elastic and then securing on the opposite side.  
Weave in all  your tails and you're done.
Happy Crafting this weekend!

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