Friday, April 20, 2012

Quick Floral Arrangement

Our annual awards ceremony is today and I discovered that we are short one centerpiece for the tables. The other floral arrangements were made over two years ago, so the likelihood of finding matching flowers is unlikely and creating a matching pot will take too long.

No worries, we have one table reserved for special guests, so they will get a different centerpiece. Even if you aren't experienced with arranging flowers, you can do this and in as little as about 30 minutes.
You'll need a pot, some silk flowers, Styrofoam, wire cutters, and floral sticks. I also use a glue gun to keep the Styrofoam from shifting.
Cut all the flowers off the main post. Be sure to cut near the post so you don't lose any of the length. You can always trim it shorter if you need to.
I'm not very good at spacing my flowers out, so I like to put rubber bands around the pot to create a grid.  You can also use floral tape, masking tape, or string.

When I have the grid in place, I can test out my arrangement and see if I need to cut any of my stems shorter.
Place the floral stick towards the end of each cut flower and wrap it with the attached wire. If you have leaves toward the bottom of the stems, you can cut those off and attach to sticks as well.  They help make the arrangement look fuller.
Glue the Styrofoam to the  bottom of the pot.  I used a round ball shape because it seemed to fit better in this pot and I didn't want to cut the foam if I didn't need to.
Now you can place your flowers firmly into the Styrofoam. I like to add Spanish Moss to cover the rest of the Styrofoam and give it a finished look.
That's it...easy peasy, huh?  Now step back and take a look at your creation!
Ready for display.

Hope you have a happy crafting weekend! I've got lots that I want do already and the weekend is just getting started.

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