Thursday, April 19, 2012


Yes, it is week 3 of my runDisney Twilight Zone Tower of Terror 10-miler training. Things are moving right along. I ran three days this week for a total of 7.65 miles, just shy of my 8 mile goal. It was pretty warm (89 degrees) Tuesday when I ran, so I decided to cut it a little short. I'm still pleased with my progress. This coming week I'm set up to run two days of 2.5 miles each and one day of 3.5 miles. I think I'm up for it.

Now for the good stuff. This past Saturday was our LEGOLAND 5k race. Can I just tell you, this was the best 5k race we have ever done. We had gone to Cypress Gardens before it was turned into LEGOLAND, so we were really excited to go through the park.
It was the first time that I went over 40 minutes on a 5k (41.something) but I've never finished a race feeling so good before. We must have stopped half a dozen times to snap a picture.  
K2 found this guy sleeping on the job just inside the gate of the castle.
Then K1 couldn't resist being eaten by a shark.
People were starting to laugh at us posing along the way, until we found the Southern Belles. They were a must stop!
It was starting to drizzle on us as we made our way though LEGO City.  We slowed down, but didn't stop for pictures since we were almost at the end.  As soon as we crossed the finish line, we turned around to check out the city a little closer and get a few pictures.
I think K1 has found her prom date.
And K2 was ready to grab a bite to eat.
We've decided that we want to do this one again next year. In fact, the girls have convinced their grandparents to join us and walk through. Until then, they will just have to settle for this:

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