Friday, April 13, 2012

Flower Head Band

Little girls like lots of little frilly things to dress up with and hair accessories are no exclusion to this rule. However, they can take up a lot of room. I came up with a way to make those hard plastic head bands multitask so they take up less room. It also helps that I have a bunch of crocheted flowers that I want to put to good use. My goal is to be able to swap out the flowers to match my daughter's outfit of the hour day.

This particular head band has the large gripper teeth on it, so I knew that I would have to attach the flower in a way that wasn't just sliding it off and on to prevent snagging.
Enter snaps! I love these because you don't have to sew them on. This package is inexpensive and comes with a little tool to hold the snaps in place while you hammer it into the fabric. If you don't have snaps, you can easily just sew or glue the felt together to make a loop if you don't have to worry about large teeth snagging.
I cut little strips of felt to hold the snaps - about three times the width of the head band.
This will allow the felt to be wrapped around one and a half times.

Attach one side of the snap to one end of the felt.
The other end, however, you will need to place the snap on the underside so that when you wrap it the snap will be in place.

Tap lightly with the hammer - I used a mallet. You don't need a lot of power behind this.  
See how it fits snugly around the band?
Glue or sew the flower to the felt piece.  
See?  No snaps against her wee little head.
Now I just have to do the rest of them.  *Sigh*  My work here is never done.

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