Monday, June 04, 2012

Take me out to the ball game

What an exciting game! I love my Rays. And I do mean MY Rays. They are very successful at making their fans feel like they belong to them. I only wish we could go more often, but we do watch almost every single game on TV. 
Sunday's game was a tie breaker for the series against the Baltimore Orioles. We love the Sunday games because they are almost always "Family Fun Days". This means we get a special deal on ticket prices AND it includes a meal deal of a hot dog, snack, and drink.  Score! Sundays also mean free parking if you have 4 or more people in the car.
We got there early and stopped by the Radio Disney tent to sign a good luck banner and snap a photo.

Next, we jumped in line to check out the Rays Tank. 
Where else but Florida would they have a touch tank at a sporting event? The kids always love it and feeding them can get a little exciting.
Once we found our seats, we were treated to a little pre-show of a softball Home Run Derby. This was so exciting for the kids and these guys can really knock it out of the park. K2 got a ball and then went to have the slugger sign it. 
Unfortunately, he had to catch a plane, but she got one of the other players to sign a poster and her ball. Just look how big that man's hands are compared to hers!
Time for the game! We had great seats with plenty of opportunity to catch balls. A few came close to us, but we didn't get any.
By the time we got to the 7th inning, we were ready for a cotton candy break. Good thing we ran 5 miles earlier that morning because we definitely pigged out on all the food.
It was an exciting game and there was a brief moment when we thought it was all over, but...
Rays Win!!!
Thanks, Rays players, for a wonderful outing with the family.  Congratulations on claiming first place ranking by beating out the Orioles. Can't wait to see you again, soon!
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