Monday, August 20, 2012

Weeki Wachee Springs

Weeki Wachee State Park
Since the girls spent the summer with grandma and grandpa, we've been trying to get some fun things in before school starts. One place we have been wanting to go ever since we moved to Florida is Weeki Wachee Springs. Good thing we did wait all these years, because now their little water park is included in the ticket price. The days are still quite warm here, so we needed to visit while the 72 degree water still feels refreshing and not so cold.
K2 has always been a big fan of mermaids, so she was especially thrilled to get to see "real" live mermaids swimming in the water.
We were greeted by an ostentation of peafowl. Who can resist itty bitty baby peacocks?
Even though they were molting, these gentlemen still looked gorgeous and we were able to score a few of the dropped tail feathers.
K2 enjoyed playing the part of a mermaid princess to her King Triton. Goofy people.

We all enjoyed reading the folklore behind the mermaids and even though the park could use a little restoration, it was in decent shape.
Then it was off to the boat tour. Just look at that water!
I don't mind being in water that I can see into. I want to be able to see what fish is coming near me before I'm attacked. Lucky for us, the gators and sharks don't like hanging out in this area. The water is 97% pure and stays at a constant 72 degrees year round.
We decided that we want to come back again and do a canoe or kayak trip. It was very beautiful.
Time for a quick break and an ice cold treat before going to see the mermaids.
There were two different shows available. One was a presentation of "The Little Mermaid" and the other was a performance of mermaids from the 1970's. 
We missed "The Little Mermaid" but we still enjoyed this show. They weren't too bad for being 60 years old. No kidding!
Next time, we will be sure to see the other show. 
The rest of the afternoon was spent at the water park. Surprisingly, the kids only went down the slides once or twice. I spent most of my time with K1 on the lazy river after finally braving to go into the water. It's shockingly cold at first, but then as you move around it's really nice. Floating down the little river allowed us to peer down into the water and see all the little fish and turtles enjoying the summer sun. It was a very good day and we all can't wait to go back.

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