Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Sea World

We have been running around like crazy with our first week of school AND dealing with Tropical Storm Isaac so I forgot to post our last hoorah trip. We have tickets to Disney, and last year we did Universal, but we decided to add Sea World/Busch Gardens to our line up because they were offering Florida residents a really good deal. We haven't been to Sea World since I was pregnant with K2, so this was exciting for the girls.
K1 actually asked to have her picture taken with Shamu. He was very energetic, but I'm sure the cooler weather that day helped.
We were greeted by some beautiful "plamingos".  The girls have called them that since they were little and we continue that tradition today. I'm sure people think we are nuts.
It's not very often that these two get along (if you have girls, you know) but we had a good day.
We absolutely loved the Manta roller coaster. It was so thrilling!
We got to walk through an aquarium while waiting in line for the ride. It really made the time fly by.
The tanks really really beautiful and extremely clean...not all the area attractions are able to keep up with it all.
I remember watching the sea lion and walrus show when I was a girl. It's now a pirate theme, but they still have the same animals and it's still adorably cute and funny. Even though it did start pouring down rain just as the show ended.
I've almost got my hubby convinced to let me have some of these "plamingos" in my yard. What's a Florida yard with out these pink beauties?
K2 loves carousels, so we checked out this fish themed one.
Yes, K1 takes a book everywhere, usually for the lines. Here she takes it to a whole new level.
It won't be long before K2 is too grown up for these kiddie rides, so we're going to enjoy them while we can.
Hang on tight guys!
The dolphin nursery was one of my favorite stops. These little guys were so sociable! They loved the cameras and putting on a little show.
I don't know how they both got in there, but getting out was a real treat and they gathered quite an audience.
We finished up our day at the dolphin show. Next time we will hit up the Shamu show and Turtle Trek. The nice thing about passes is that you don't have to do everything in one day. Hope you remember to make memories with your kiddos!

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