Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Quick Salad

K1 has been experimenting in the kitchen and recently she came up with a quick salad that she could throw together. Sometimes you just don't want a hot meal, you know? Plus, Cross Country has started up so lighter meals can be easier on the stomach when running in this heat.

You only need four ingredients for this one. Tomatoes, cucumbers, feta cheese, and Italian salad dressing (we use fat free). Just slice up the tomatoes in quarters or thin slices - however you want! Then layer with sliced cucumbers. We keep the peel on because you know that is where all the vitamins are, but hey, do what you like. Sprinkle on the feta (we use a lot because we are rebels like that) and then drizzle with the dressing.

Quick, easy, and no heating up the house. Perfect as a meal or a side.

Thanks, Kassidy. Keep experimenting in the kitchen!

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