Thursday, March 01, 2012

Start Running!

Many of you have asked me how I got started with running.  Well, let me tell you!  This was no easy task.  My motto used to be "No one should run unless they are being chased."  Seriously.  Not only could I NOT run, I had always been told I would not ever be ABLE to run.  I have what's called physical activity induced asthma.  How is this different?  It means that any type of physical exertion can cause an asthma attack.  Lucky me!  I found this out when I was on the swim team as a child and pretty much sat everything out from there.

Currently, I work with a young woman who has truly inspired me to run and she also has asthma (although not the same kind).  You can check out her blog here.  But it wasn't until October of 2010, when another co-worker started running and my thyroid was at an all time low, that I finally said, "get off your butt and go try it!"  And I did, along with my 14-year-old daughter.  And every week I would run a little more and each time I would think I was going to die.  Guess what?  I didn't die.  I ran my first 5k  in April 2011 to prove it.
So, how did I do it?  Some people told me to check out the couch to 5k training programs.  I wanted to use my iPod Touch, and that app wasn't free.  I wasn't totally sure I was ready to be invested in this running thing.  So, I found a free 5k training app.  It's similar to the C25k plan, so I tried it out for a few weeks and decided that I liked it and then bought the full version.  Only bad news was that my training up to that point didn't transfer over to the paid version.  Currently, I use the Nike + GPS app to listen to my own music and log my runs.

Recently, I’ve starting following Jeff Galloway’s method, mostly because he endorses walk breaks while running and it’s the best way with my asthma.  He even told me so.  I met him at my second 5k, the Walt Disney World Halloween 5k.  He also has app trainers, which are really cool.  I also really liked his Women's Complete Guide to Running, which he co-authored with his wife (she's also a runner).  I checked it out from the library (free!) instead of buying it, but had I known about this book when I first started, I would have bought it. 

If you only have an mp3 player, that's ok too!  You can download free podcasts, as well.  I continue to use these when I need a little motivation.  I'm a big advocate of free versions.  You should try it out before you invest in it.  What have you got to lose?  Find something that inspires you and then just do it.  I posted each run on Facebook and even complained when I hurt or was tired and ready to give up.  You wouldn't believe the support I received from my FB friends.  It kept me going having that accountability and my family soon joined in the fun.

I won these shoes!
I have been in five 5k races now and this Saturday I'm signed up for another one.  Someday I might graduate to a 10k or more, but for now I'm happy to be where I am.  It's still hard and that's ok.  I'm still doing it and I love the way I feel…when I stop running. Ha! Besides, you might win some new shoes like I did!

So, that is how I started.  Check out these links for everything I mentioned (these are all my opinion and I have not received any endorsements).  Have you found something you like to help you get out and run?  Comment here - I love have more resources!



Motion Traxx - I like the 1-1 interval w/Jeff Galloway

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