Thursday, March 29, 2012

Motivation or Insanity?

I think I may have just done the craziest thing ever.  Seriously.  I tried to get people to talk me out of it, but they instead turned on me and encouraged me.  Maybe it was time.  I've been participating in 5k races for a year and a half now, so maybe I needed some motivation to kick it up a notch.

What did I do?
Image from runDisney website
I signed up for the runDisney Twilight Zone Tower of Terror 10-miler.  Yep.  10 whole miles.  Not a 10k.  Miles.  My head is still spinning.  So now what?  

Now I start training.  In the Florida summer heat.  I told you this was insane.  Baby steps...ok, my goal is to finish.  I'll settle for last at this point, but I'm hoping that attitude will change as I progress in my training.  No big deal, you say?  Uh, for someone who has physical activity induced asthma this is a HUGE deal.  Back to wearing the heart monitor to make sure I don't over-do it.  Time to become best friends with my doctor to make sure my inhaler keeps getting re-filled.

The Tower of Terror race is making its big return this year after previously being a 13k race several years ago.  It starts and stops at the Walt Disney World Hollywood Studios park.  Did I mention this race is at night?  Saturday, September 29th at 10 pm...which means I will finish on the 30th.  Can I tell people I ran for a day?

I'm looking forward to the finish line, the Villains Hollywood Bash (after party) and most of all - the MEDAL.  Disney always puts on a good race and I'm sure this one will not disappoint.  Plus, I know a couple of moms on the Disney Mom's Panel who will be attending and I'm hoping to make it a wonderful memory.  You had better make sure I finish, Deborah and Ashley!

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