Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Mail Call

As much as I like getting samples in the mail, I like getting full sized products even better. Plain water is actually what I prefer, but my family does not. Using a little MIO is the perfect way to get them to drink water and cut out the sugary drinks.

My mom, bless her heart, carries around some in her purse. Actually, it's a great idea as some restaurant water is awful tasting. She usually gets the curiosity of the server and ends up talking them into getting their own glass of water so she can let them try the MIO. I think the MIO company should supply her with as many bottles as she wants since she is so good at advertising for them!

So where did I come across this freebie? On Facebook. I had already liked their page and when they released this promotion, I was the first to know. If you go to the MIO website, they are still giving away free samples!
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