Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Mail Call

Look what came in the mail!

Have you heard about Wen hair products? I got caught up watching an infomercial the other day and it really got my attention. Because I have a thyroid condition, my hair needs special attention and I've already been told to try to use as few chemicals as possible on it. Wen is organic and doesn't contain sulfates - which I have to avoid since they strip hair of it's natural oils. 

Let's be honest here. This stuff isn't cheap. But when I saw what it is capable of, I knew I wanted to try it. I came across a link to sign up for a free trial on freeflys.com and entered my info right away. I'm all about trying before buying and I love me some free stuff.

There is another organic line that I like called JĀSÖN and Wen is similar, but I think Wen is more conditioning for my hair, albeit more expensive. The biggest difference you will see in comparison with traditional hair care is the lack of suds. This is a good thing for your hair, but it can seem unproductive if you are used to having it. Once you get past that, you'll love how much cleaner your hair feels in-between shampoos. 

If you are a facebook user, you can like their page, WENhaircare, and be notified when they offer free samples.

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