Friday, July 19, 2013

Headband Holder

Hair accessories are taking over my girls' bathroom. Now K1 has taken a particular interest in headbands, so I needed to come up with something to wrangle this mess in. I had come across several ways to organize headbands on Pinterest, but I finally went with the good ole oatmeal container because it doubles as storage for other accessories inside. Oh ok, plus it's free and I love to upcycle.
1. I took the label off the outside and glued some batting around the container.

2. After the glue dried, I cut off the excess batting.
Time to grab that leftover fabric from a dress I made K2 years ago.

3.  I measured around the container as well as the height and added 1 inch to both height and width to allow for tucking the fabric under. Just because I'm not sewing it, doesn't mean I don't want a nice finished edge!
4. This particular container has a plastic rim that I decided to use to tuck the fabric under with a butter knife. You could easily just fold over the top and glue to get that same finished edge if you don't have the rim.
5. After folding over the side for a finished edge and gluing down, I tucked the bottom under and glued around. Ta da! You're done! 

I've seen some that were glued to glass candlestick holders and they look so pretty. I didn't have one on hand, but I did have this plastic martini glass that I got from Crystal Light (yes, for free). I don't use it, so thought this would be better than just throwing it away. It fits perfectly and without glue!
The girls love it and it looks so pretty. This is so much better than over-stuffing the one drawer they have.
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