Monday, June 24, 2013

Pinterest Round up #5

I'm back in my funk of pinning more than I am creating. It could possibly be that I'm over scheduling myself, but it's only because I have 8 days coming up where I will be out of the country. I'm looking forward to the trip, but it also means that is 8 days that I will not have to prepare for the class I'm teaching this fall or all the other little things that still need to be done before our new teachers start. Summer is always my busiest time of year. I'll just pretend I have at least 30 hours in a day and move onto showing what I found last week.

Favorite Pin #1
Ticket Holder
I noticed that my hubby was saving tickets in a pile on his dresser the other day, so when I ran across this holder I thought it might be a good way to display his collection. Whatcha think, honey? This pin is actually a link to a company that sells these for a measly, gulp, $150. Seriously? For a shadow box? I feel a tutorial coming on...

Favorite Pin #2
DIY Burt's Bee's style lip balm recipe
I feel naked and lost if I leave my house without a tube of lip balm, but those little things can sure add up at the store. Especially if you have children that tend to lose them. This easy recipe costs about 8 cents per tube to make, plus you know exactly what is going in it. 

Favorite Pin #3
Mark your own hem
This picture says it all. How did I not think of this? It's next to impossible to mark your own hem, so this idea from Threads magazine is absolutely brilliant. 

Favorite Pin #4 
Honey-Lavender Ricotta Ice Cream
Lavender? In food? I'll admit, I was skeptical as well. However, I have a dear friend who does this kind of wacky food combinations without even batting an eye (right, Mer?). I think she is just braver than I am, but this made me think of some of the things that she makes that I questioned and then loved. Actually, maybe I should just have her make this for me. Yes?

Favorite Pin #5
Pack your own lunch
Thinking forward to the fall when the kids go back to school. K2 is starting middle school and will start getting herself ready by herself since school doesn't start until 9 am. Crazy, right? So, this is a nice idea to maybe organize her. And me. Let's face it, she can only do so much on her own until she has left the nest. Gotta start somewhere!

Another week of pins down. Time to go start making stuff now. So many ideas, so little time. 
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