Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Pinterest Round Up #4

Ok, ok, ok...so I've been slacking on my posts. It's partly because I've been so incredibly busy and partly because I'm so warn out from being busy that I don't feel like putting on my perky face and typing out bubbly words to all of you. Whining over. Time for the pins!

Favorite Pin #1
Park G├╝ell 
Next month, K1 and I will be traveling to Spain. Even though this is a school tour, I'm such a planner that I've started researching all the places on the itinerary so I'll know what to expect. Note: I don't like surprises.

Favorite Pin #2
Butternut Squash Risotto
The weather is getting warmer (read: blasted hot even for Florida) and I am looking for alternatives to using the stove/oven to keep the heat down in the house. First step: create a crock pot/slow cooker board and pin like crazy. Next step: create a grilling board and pin even more.

Favorite Pin #3
Landscape Design
I want to say I'm environmentally conscious, but really I think I'm just lazy. I'm so over taking care of the yard. Now I'm looking for ways to landscape with materials that need little to no care. I don't want to mow, prune, water, or tend in any way...or at least as little as possible. It's too hot to be outside doing work. I'd rather be at the beach.

Favorite Pin #4
Book Pillows
How cute are these little pillows that look like books? I work in the English Department at USF, so I think these would be a hit with my crew. 

Favorite Pin #5
Tee to Tank Refashion
Summer is in full swing and I just love these refashioned tanks. They look super easy to make and would be a good way to get more use out of those t-shirts I haven't been wearing. I've been a follower of the Crafterhours blog for awhile now and this is just one more reason why I'm a reader.

Don't forget, you can follow me on Pinterest, too! Feel free to post your favorite pin as well. I'm always on the lookout for a good pin.
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