Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Pinterest Round Up #3

It was a slow week for pinning last week. I just didn't see a lot that interested me plus I was busy doing other things - like actually making the things I had previously pinned. I kid you not! You'll see more of that later this week. So, on with the show. Don't forget that you can click on the link under the pin to go directly to it.

Favorite Pin #1
Crocheted headband
How cute is this little headband!?! Unfortunately the page is in Japanese and the translation isn't great. I think I could figure out how to crochet this on my own just with the photo. It looks simple enough. Maybe I'll post the pattern when I come up with it. Would you be interested in that?

Favorite Pin #2
Setting a table
When I saw this, I realized that I haven't taught my girls how to properly set a table. So much to remember, so little time.

Favorite Pin #3
Magic Carpet Cleaner
Summer is the perfect time to get to those little projects that I have been avoiding. Although we have replaced our carpet with wood flooring in the main area of the house, we left it in the bedrooms. It really needs to go, but until then it's time to clean it up. You can find this and more over at the Lizzie Writes blog.

Favorite Pin #4
Homemade Peppermint Patties
I've really been into making food in order to cut out all the preservatives found in store bought food. I'd like to say that is why I pinned this, but in reality, I just really like chocolate and mint. Christy, over at My Invisible Crown, has a ton of recipes that are easy to make and look amazing. Yep, she just gained another follower.

Ok, time to go find some more good stuff to pin!
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