Monday, May 13, 2013

Mother's Day Mixer Cover

I've been wanting to make my mom a cover for her Kitchen Aid mixer ever since she got me one. Mostly because I discovered how much dust settles on them. I'm not sure why I kept putting it off, but the farthest I could get was pinning patterns to Pinterest. Don't I feel silly now that I know how easy it is. I think I could do a basic one in less than an hour, but I couldn't just make my mom any old cover. Nope! It needed to be special. Disney special.
Ultimately, I decided on this pin:
I found some images on Flickr of others who used this pattern, so I figured I could handle it. Plus, it came with a pattern and instructions. First, I cut out all my pieces. I debated about using a batting to make it stiffer, but decided against it. However, I did line it with the muslin I used to do a test run for size. Waste not, want not! 
Next, I pinned on the piping. I've never sewn piping on before, so I used a ton of pins to make sure it didn't move. 
It wasn't that difficult. I used the zipper foot and just lined up the piping with the foot. 
Onto the pockets. These aren't necessary, but I thought they could be useful and then I wouldn't have to frustrate myself trying to match up the pattern all the way around. 

I lined these with the muslin as well.

These only needed to be sewn on the one side (top) but I did the top and the two sides, just to be sure it wouldn't shift when attaching it to the cover.
Fold the seam over towards the printed side and iron.
See how nice it looks?
Here are the two pockets showing both sides (one for the front and one for the back. Give it a good press once you fold it back together.
Then I sewed the pockets to the bottom of the cover.
Once the pockets are in place, it's time to turn it inside out and sew all the main cover pieces together. Again, I used a ton of pins because I was sewing quite a few layers together and I didn't want any puckers. I also switched back to the zipper foot since I would once again be sewing against the piping.
Halfway done! Ha...this is actually on my sewing machine. I wanted to see how things were progressing and now I'm thinking this would be a good sewing machine cover, too! Time to repeat for the other side and then move onto the trim.
Turn it right side out and attach the double fold bias tape. I've actually never done this before and I didn't understand the instructions on the main tutorial I was using. So, I Googled for something else and found an easy tutorial over on the Smashed Peas and Carrots blog.
It fits great! But, it's still missing something. A bow! I just sewed a rectangle pillow, stuffed it lightly, and added the wrap around the middle.
I also sewed a straight stitch up the middle of the pocket to create two pockets. Much more sturdier for holding stuff.
I'm just in love with it. Seriously, how cute is this?!?!
Happy Mother's Day, mom. I hope you love it as much as I do.
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