Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Mayfaire 5K

Most of our 5k races are early in the morning; a necessity with the Florida heat. It got pretty warm during the day and I was worried we were going to have a hot event, but by the 7 PM race time it was pretty cool out. We even had a little time to take in the scenery.
The Mayfaire 5k was a new event for us, so we weren't too sure what to expect. There was promise of two lakes to run around followed by fireworks and we thought that sounded like fun. 
What was not fun was trying to run after our first kickboxing class. Oh my goodness we were in so much pain! To top it off, we had to tackle several hills. Double ouch! At least we had pretty scenery to look at. We found a couple of houses we wouldn't mind moving into, as well.

Not our best times, but we weren't really running for a PR (personal record). Our family 5k races are strictly for fun. It was fun to finish, but it felt longer than 3 miles. We grabbed some food - which was better than we've had at a lot of runs - and stayed for some of the fireworks.

It was a late night and we decided to just take Sunday easy. It was Mother's Day, so I decided we should head to the beach.
Remind me to come up with a longsleeved, floor length swim dress for K1. I don't think I'm ready for her to look so grown up.
We had the beach mostly to ourselves and we just kicked back and enjoyed our beautiful location. Spring is definitely flirting with summer, so perhaps it is time to invest in a beach umbrella so we can hang out longer. Got to protect K2's sweet little freckles! Time to start planning our next adventure... 

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