Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Let's Get Ready to B-B-Q

Summer is right around the corner, so it's time to get ready for some backyard grilling!

Do you use a charcoal grill? Sprinkle an even layer of cat litter in the bottom of the pan before adding the charcoal. The litter insulates the metal from heat and also absorbs grease and fat for easier cleaning.
Does your grill rack get so dirty it makes you want to scream? Maybe that's just me. I hate scrubbing it. Here's an easier way. Place the rack in a large trash bag and spray the rack with Easy-Off oven cleaner (or similar brand). Seal the bag closed and let it sit outside overnight. Remove the rack from the bag, spray it down with hose, and throw away the trash bag. 
You can also wrap the rack in aluminum foil (shiny side facing inside) and place back in grill. Turn the heat on high for ten minutes or more. Let the rack cool, then remove the foil. All of the burned-on food and grease will fall off the rack.
Can't find your grill brush? Is it frayed beyond all use? Crumple up some aluminum foil into a ball and use it to scrub the warm rack.
Is your grill showing signs of weather wear? Polish it with some cooking oil and then buff with a dry cloth.
Now you're ready for some grilling! 
What time do we eat?

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