Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Shamrock Classic 2012

K2 has been participating in a running club, the Mustang Movers, at school and they wanted to celebrate the end of the program by competing in a race. Some of the kids ran the 1 mile fun run and others challenged themselves with the 5k. Most of these kids had never ran in a race before, so it was a big deal. K2 knew that she would do the 5k from the beginning since she has ran in one before. 

Our local running club, the Brandon Running Association, hosts the Shamrock Classic every year in our home town so we decided to not just go to support K2, but to run with her. I love our family races and this one did not disappoint. It was the 35th annual Shamrock Classic, and we are so glad we decided to join in.
K2 stuck by her dad during the race. I think that we've only ran once since the Gasparilla races, so we just took it easy and enjoyed ourselves.
The morning started chilly, but I quickly warmed up while running. Some day, when I get my breathing under control, I will start working on lengthening my stride. Until then, my focus is breathing and not clenching my fists. It's a bad habit that causes my shoulders and neck to ache. You'll see me shaking them out periodically while I run just to re-enforce the correction. 
Our biggest surprise of the race was K1 winning 3rd place in her division. We all missed her name being called because we really weren't expecting to win anything. K2 kept insisting that she heard her sister's name called, so we double checked and sure enough she won a trophy! How cool is that? Her first one. 

This was a fun race and even more so since we all did it together as a family. I'm so proud of us for finding an activity that we can do together that keeps us active and healthy. I'm looking forward to the next race!
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