Thursday, March 07, 2013

'S Wonderful at the Straz

Hooray for Gershwin! 
We love his music, so we knew we would love this Broadway Musical.
It's an all music, all dancing show that moves non-stop. The pianist was incredible and I still can't figure out how he was able to play for that long. My fingers would have been screaming out in pain.
This show was in the Jaeb Theater, which is set up with tables and chairs for a more "dinner theater" type atmosphere. It was a nice change to be in a more intimate setting.
K1 got the opportunity to pose with the cast after the show. What a great group! The woman on the far left, Tai Jemison, is actually a USF graduate (where I work now) so it was 'S Wonderful to see her perform. Her stage presence was hard to ignore and her sultry voice chilled me when she sang "Summertime", my all-time favorite Gershwin tune.
I heard some complaints about the show, but more praise. If you want more acting, this isn't where you'll find it. However, if you love musicals, you'll love it. I love Gershwin and all the "traditional" songs from his most famous shows, so it was perfect for us. Four more shows to go this season...guess I need to get my tickets ordered for next season!
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