Friday, March 08, 2013

Conversation with K1

 K1: "Wait, what? 
You won a trip to any Sandals resort?"

Me: "Yes. We picked Jamaica."

 K1: "Oh, this is going to be so much fun! This will be a great spring break."

Me: "It's only for two. You aren't going."

K2: "What about me? You know I'm your favorite."

 K1: "That's not fair. You know you would rather take me."

Me: "That's true, but it's for adults only."

 K1: "So, you'll bring me back something great, right?"

Me: "Of course. You know I will."

K1: "Ok. I guess you can go then."

Me: "Gee thanks...I'm glad I have your permission."

Ok, so that's not exactly how it went, but pretty close. Plus, it gave me the opportunity to post these pictures of my beautiful girls. But, I am going to Jamaica for spring break. Without them. They will survive with grandma and grandpa for the week, I promise. 

Now where is that pool boy with my drink?
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