Friday, March 29, 2013

Continuing Acts of Kindess

Back in December, I joined up with others in the country to commit to 26 Random Acts of Kindness. I've haven't been posting each individual one, mostly because of some of the criticism surrounding the movement. Yes, there are some bah-humbugs out there who think they have the right to tell people if their act is "good" enough. Personally, I think any selfless act, no matter how small, is a contribution to humanity and we need more of it. I'll put my soapbox away now.

Like any crocheter, I have a stash of yarn. Please try to contain your shock. I set a goal to reduce that stash significantly and I'm making great progress by teaming up with my Acts of Kindness plans. This is also something the non-crocheter/knitter can do as well. A few years ago, I purchased a small, round loom called the Knifty Knitter made by Provo Craft.
You can buy it separately or in a set. I just bought the little blue one. K2 wanted to learn to crochet, but at the time she was little and couldn't quite get the hang of it. I thought a good way for her to start would be this loom. It's so simple that any craft-challenged person can do it.
You just wrap the yarn around the pegs and then use this funky tool to pull the yarn over the top of the peg. The best part is that it works up quickly and easily, so no time to get frustrated or feel like you aren't getting anywhere. This smaller loom makes baby hats and socks effortlessly. There are even free patterns you can find for free on the Internet. I can now make a baby hat in about 30 minutes. It's perfect for when you are watching your favorite T.V. program, because you don't have to read any patterns or watch what you are doing. It's just wrapping and pulling the yarn over.
Look at all these little cuties I have made. This is just some of them. I have already given a few away. The rest of these are going to our local hospital to give to the new little babies as part of my Acts of Kindness support. 

Are you participating, too? I would love for you to share what you have done. Before you go, don't forget to enter my 200 FaceBook Fan giveaway

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