Monday, July 30, 2012

Lemon Grass Thai Kitchen

I was talking to someone about Thai food the other day when the Lemon Grass Thai Kitchen was mentioned. K1 and I had a mother/daughter day planned, so this was the perfect time to check it out.
We opted for their lunchtime buffet so that we could try everything out. I'm sure glad we did. There was lots to choose from and everything was so fresh! Plus, the whole place was really clean. Even the windowsills were free of any dirt or dust. A+! 
I don't typically eat fried food, but they had fried sweet potatoes that were just amazing. Notice the lack of sauce dripping around the plate? I was take that as a good sign on a buffet - I hate food cooked in bulk. However, this was not. They made it in portions and just kept bringing it out. This made it hot, fresh, and perfected cooked. 
For dessert we mainly stuck to the fresh cut fruit, but we did try these little sweet cookies. They were pretty good, but my favorite part of the meal was the Thai tea. I'm so addicted!
We really enjoyed our lunch and plan on coming back again. If you are ever in the Brandon, Florida area, I highly recommend you check them out, too!
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