Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Children's Quilt

Back in June (I know that was a long time ago) I found out about Quilts for Kids on the Make it and Love it blog. I really fell in love with the idea of making one of these quilts and Ashley makes it look so easy that I sent off for my free kit right away. I've never made a quilt before, so this will be a new adventure. Well, this weekend my kit arrived! It was all packaged up in a clear Ziploc bag.
All the material is pre-cut and it includes instructions for sewing together. The only thing that isn't included is the thread and batting. Lucky for me that it was coupon commotion time at my local Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Store
Now I have all my materials and I plan on referring to Ashley's post to help me though this. I'll keep you updated as I make this little journey and maybe you'll want to make one of your own.

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