Monday, July 09, 2012

Captiva Island Getaway

For our 13th wedding anniversary, my hubby presented me with reservations for a weekend getaway at South Seas Island Resort on Captiva Island. It's no secret that Sanibel Island is my favorite place to go, but we had always talked about staying the joining island of Captiva. I started getting nervous when browsing through the web site because of it's size. One of the main reasons I like Sanibel is because there are plenty of small cottages where we can get away and enjoy a little privacy. It didn't help matters that we were sent an email prior to departure explaining that rooms would likely not be ready until late afternoon due to the rooms being booked to capacity. I bit my tongue and tried to make the best of it.

As expected, our room was not ready and this was cutting into our time on the island. With only 2 days and 1 night, we were trying to make the most of the short time. We decided to walk around the resort and make our plans for the rest of the day. The resort is pretty inclusive, so if you like a place that has everything in one place (shopping, dining, activities) this is ideal.  It was getting quite warm, so we decided it would be best to go have lunch while we waited. Off to RC Otters, which was just down the road off property.
There isn't a lot of room for parking, and most of the seating is outside, but we've never been disappointed when eating here. We opted for inside, which was at least a few degrees cooler than outside, but comfortable nonetheless. Even with the heat, we opted to start with the soup of the day because it was lobster bisque, our favorite.
So yummy. It was hard to decide what to eat for the main course, but I knew I wanted the crab cakes.
They serve it as a meal, appetizer, or sandwich. I don't particularly like crab cakes, but I make and exception when I can get them at RC Otters. They serve it with a mango salsa that just makes it perfection.
I paired that with the conch fritters and my meal was complete. Yum! After finishing our meal, our room was finally ready and we were set to get settled and head to the beach. This was the view from our balcony. The water was just begging for us to come in.
We weren't out long before the typical afternoon storm moved in. Of course, that shut down the pool, but afternoon showers are expected in Florida and are actually not bad since it cools things down a bit and doesn't last long.
Plus, sometimes you get a special treat from those little storms.
This was a perfect opportunity for us to check out the Harbourside Bar and Grill. I ordered a lobster tail and the house "shaker" salad.
What I was not expecting was for the salad to be shaken right onto my lap. No kidding.
The server didn't seem too apologetic, but I'm not a confrontational person, so I let it go. The food was fabulous regardless of the server's carelessness.
We headed back to our room for a evening movie and relaxation and were greeted with a bottle of champagne for our anniversary. I was hoping to jump in the big garden tub for a bubble bath with the bubbly, but I was too sleepy and decided to turn in early so that we could get a fresh start to the beach in the morning. 

Tomorrow I will show you my favorite part of the trip. Hope you will come back to see!
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