Monday, February 06, 2012

Stress Relief at Work

Monday, again?!?  I wish I could say my job is playing on the computer or crocheting all day, but it's not.  I actually spend about 14 hours a day on the computer.  After developing carpel tunnel and severe neck pain, I really invested into ergonomics.  My keyboard is now in a tray, in stead of on the desk, and I use a trackball mouse.

Logitech Trackball mouse

Recently, I have discovered a neat little online tool and it's FREE.  My favorite word.  It's called the StretchClock.  You just download this little baby and every hour a browser window pops up with a YouTube video.  
The video is a 1 minute stretch.  It gets you out of your chair and I found out that sitting puts more stress on your back than standing.  Who knew?  Hope you are having a stress-free day!
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