Friday, February 17, 2012

Organizing the Pantry - Part I

The pantry organization is underway.  This one is going to take awhile. *sigh*  I'll just have to tackle one thing at a time.  I'm lucky enough to have a rather large pantry, but I really fill it up.  With four of us digging in there, every attempt to organize is quickly undone.  Another hindrance is that the shelves are wire and only 12 inches deep.  As much as I would love to just hire California Closets to just come in and create something, I'm on a budget.

There is a lot to choose from out there.  The Container Store is proof that this is BIG business.  I like these little beauties, 

Gravity-Feed Can Rack 
but it won't sit on my wire shelving. Plus, I only have 10 inches of height to work with.  I'm not up for moving shelves at this point.  After reading the reviews, I moved on.

I saw this one and almost bought it.  
Rubbermaid Can Organizer
It's made to fit on the wire shelf with installation clips that hold it in place.  I even saw it at my local Lowe's, so I would be able to save on shipping.  Upon further inspection, it was going to be too tall and it didn't hold a lot.  I just wasn't ready to commit to that much expense at this time.

It was about that time that Skip to My Lou was having a giveaway and I learned about these containers.
These are fairly inexpensive and the right dimensions.  So, I thought it was worth a try.  However, the shipping is as much as the containers, but you get 4 of them.  Not the best instructions for putting them together, but I figured it out.  They are fairly sturdy and fit perfectly.  I'm going to use sticky notes to label the contents since I am trying to save room by putting multiple contents into each container.  

See?  Much better.  This is my pantry with the new organizers.

Next step: find a better way to organize my spices.  Oh dear...this one is really going to try my patience.

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