Thursday, February 02, 2012

New Year, New Me

Last year I decided I wanted to get myself healthy and I think I did pretty good.  I started running (ok, jogging...whatever).  I participated in several 5K events and I am continuing on into 2012.  I even got my whole family to start running with me.

Disney Halloween 5k October 2011

We are eating better and I've even improved my dental flossing! But even with all of that, I still have issues with my weight and stress, mostly because of my thyroid disorder.  I may not be able to control my thyroid yet, but I have decide to attack something I can control.  

A house should be a home and everyone should feel comfortable and relaxed when coming home after a long day at work.  Not me!  Over the years my house has become a dumping ground, thanks to my 2 kids and husband (and me).  It drives me crazy and makes me really unhappy and well, StReSsEd!!!

My New Year's resolution this year is to DeCrap MiHouse.  That's right.  I'm publicly announcing that I'm going to de-hoard my home.  Ok, it's not quite that bad, but at times it sure does feel like it.  Actually, those Hoarders shows are really inspiring.  I can't imagine ever getting to that point, so it's time to start now!

Step One - this is it.  I need a little accountability, so I have posted her and in Facebook.  Hopefully it will keep me on track.  

Step Two- be realistic.  I want this now.  Right now.  Not gonna happen.  I need understand that this is a long process and I have all year to achieve my goal.

Time to get started!  I recently downloaded this book from Amazon (got it free!) and it is filled with a lot of useful information to get organized and clean out in order to live a simpler, less stressed life.
I'm trying to get the whole family on board and they are digging their heels in, for now.  We'll see if they come around.  One room at a time.  

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