Wednesday, February 08, 2012

A Little Culture

I'm always worried that my kids are going to grow up and leave the nest and I will have regrets of missing out on important memories.  Maybe I overdo it trying to avoid that, but we try to make the most of every day.  

My 15-year-old is the most amazing girl.  She's kind, smart, and probably one of my favorite people to be with.  

Every year we go to at least one musical.  Living in Tampa Bay, we get the best shows without the Broadway expense, but maybe one day we will go there, too.  

This year we were excited to see Les Miserables on the schedule.  So we bought our tickets and got dolled up for a night on the town.

Daughter and Mother
That's not a trash bag.  She bought a shirt.

The show boasted some amazing performers and even though the pace was almost too quick for us to keep up, we loved it.

She's already looking to see which show to go to next.  

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