Monday, December 10, 2012

Sweet 16 Oktoberfest

I'm still playing catch up from when my computer was down, so we are still in "rewind" mode until I get caught up with all the things from October and November that I wanted to post.
It may seem like a strange request, but for my daughter's "Sweet 16" birthday, she requested to go to the local Oktoberfest. Fine by me! Being German, I love authentic German food. Yum!
Good thing we don't eat this all the time. Lots of meat and carbs, but it's soooo yummy.
We decided to burn some of those calories off with a little dancing. The kids really loved the band and the costumes.
It wouldn't be a birthday if we didn't make her get up in front of everyone as the band sang to her. She was totally embarrassed  but I'm sure it's a memory she will always love.
Then everyone danced a special birthday dance. Too much fun!
After feeling like we went to another country, it seemed appropriate for her first gift to open be a luggage set from her Grandma Mary. K1 is so excited about her trip to Spain this coming summer. Until then, she will be enjoying her other gift: season tickets to the Broadway series at the Straz Center. This kid has some grown-up taste already at such a young age. Poor thing, she's just like her mother.
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