Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Color Run 2012

We have stopped being so serious about our 5k races. No, really. We've started looking for races that are fun, in unique locations, or support something that is important to us. It has really made a difference in our experience. This past weekend was exactly that. I had heard about the Color Run from another blogger and it looked like it would be fun. 
We signed up early and created a team. K1 decided to name us the Super Awesome Rainbow Unicorns. Huh? Ok, no one could come up with anything, so thus we were named. Then she came up with a design so we could have matching t-shirts.
The day before, teammate Mer and I went across the bridge to pick up our race packets. December is beautiful in central Florida and St. Pete is the perfect beach location for a run. We stopped for lunch at a little Thai restaurant that looked not so good on the outside, but was surprisingly cute on the inside. Lanna Thai and Sushi on Park Street gave us good service in a beautiful setting. The food was yummy and we were ready to hit the road. 
The rest of the trip was uneventful. However, when I got home I noticed that not only was I missing MY shirt, but my race bib, too.  I got the rest of the team's stuff and my race packet, but not my shirt and bib. It's too far of a drive to go back, so I contacted the race people and made arrangements to pick up the remaining items the day of the race. That sounds simple enough, but we didn't expect the amount of people trying to get to the race. The roads were so congested! That was a little stressful, but we finally found a place to park (thanks for not towing us St. Pete!) and made our way over to get my stuff and explored a bit before the race. 
I've never seen so much white at a race before. People were in tutus and wedding gowns and generally just having a great time.
We didn't think I would have enough time to walk back to the car to drop off my official race t-shirt, so I wore it under my other shirt. Yes, I was hot and NO, it didn't stay clean even under the other shirt. And to top it off, my battery died on my camera. I did manage to squeak out a few more pictures after the actual race, but it was probably for the best because all that color powder would have probably messed up my camera.
We ran for most of the race, but it was mostly in-between color stations. K1 and K2 haven't been running as much lately, so little walk breaks were a welcomed rest. We were colored by the end, but the REAL color would happen at the stage afterwards when there was periodic COLOR BLASTS. Everyone would open their color packets and toss it into the air. It was crazy and exciting with lots of music and energy.
Poor K1, I opened my packet right into her face. She's such a trooper.
I'm smiling, but what I'm really thinking is "Hurry up before the battery dies so I can get this 2nd t-shirt off!"

It was a fun race that I'm glad we went to. I think the kids enjoyed it most, but what kid doesn't like to get messy? Oh, and yes, the dye comes out. Bleach for the shirts and lots of scrubbing in the shower, but it was worth it.

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