Sunday, March 25, 2007

Kourey's Haircut

When we returned from our Spring Break trip, Kassidy and I went to pick up the dogs and David wanted to get his hair cut. So, we dropped him and Kourey off and went to pick up Keita and Daisy. When we returned, we found that Kourey had quite a bit of her hair cut off....she wanted a haircut, too. I wasn't thrilled with it at first, but after awhile, I decided that it looked much better than before. It looks too grown up, though, but healthier. She loves it.

Kassidy got her hair trimmed the next day. She has been growing it out for Locks of Love. She has 14 inches available now and the gal cutting her hair said that it was in great shape and would be a terrific donation because her hair is so thick. Perhaps this summer, before all the swimming starts, Kassidy will be ready to donate. She has been growing it for so will be hard to see her with short hair again, but I'm proud of her for what she wants to do.
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