Tuesday, September 10, 2013


I know you must have thought I disappeared. Well, I did sort of. K1 and I went to Spain for a week and had quite an adventure. 
It was not the trip we were hoping for, but we made the best of it. Next time we will go without a tour group. I don't speak Spanish at all, so I was anxious about being on my own, but we were given so much "free time" that we might as well have been on our own. Lesson learned, but I'm glad to have had the experience.
When we got home, it was a mad dash to get ready for school to start. Supplies to buy, teachers to meet, and K2 got braces. She was such a trooper and has really been good about keeping them clean. I'm so proud of her!
As if getting the kids ready for school wasn't enough, I had my own course to get ready for. It's a class I've taught many times, but we just got a new learning system at the university so I had to adjust to that. Fall is always crazy with new hires and it seems like something always happens to make it difficult.
With all that stress, I just didn't feel like posting about my misery. So I did what I normally do to relieve the tension. I crochet!  Remember that baby afghan I shared on my favorite pins? Well, I finally made it. I like the design and the pattern was easy to follow, but using the recommended cotton yarn made it seem awfully heavy to me. So, I made it into a lovey. What's a lovey? Basically, it's a blanket with a toy attached to it. I've made plenty of amigurumi toys, so I just made it up off the top of my head and attached it to the center of the blanket. 
I've also been on the hunt for gift ideas for baby boys. There is always plenty of cute things to make for girls, but boys are a different story. I found this pattern in a book I checked out from the library.
It's been a goal of mine to use up all my scrap yarn, so K2 had a naked Barbie that needed attention. She got a cute new dress. I found the pattern on Ravelry, but I had a difficult time with the instructions. Perhaps I'll make my own pattern and share with you soon.
Speaking of K2, I had bought some yarn to make a slouchy hat I promised back in December of last year. Oops...time to get that one knocked out, too.
As if all this crocheting wasn't enough, K1 is back on the cosplay bandwagon. I'm sure the Heroes of Cosplay show doesn't help. Don't ask, I have no idea. I just help make the darn stuff.
See? I really have been busy! I'll try not to stay away for so long next time. However, I almost always post things over on the Facebook page. Anytime I run across a great pattern, recipe, giveaway,or free stuff I post it there. Don't forget to check it out!