Thursday, March 10, 2011

Sweet Pea baby gifts

I love crocheting baby gifts for three reasons:

1) The yarns are soft, light, and in pretty pastels,
2) The items are small and work up quickly, and
3) I love giving a gift that is truly unique and can be a treasured heirloom.

Little girl babies are the easiest.  Boys are more difficult because I haven't found a lot of items which are boy oriented.  Since I live in Florida, sweaters aren't always the best gift.  Right now I have 3 baby gifts to create.  This first one is for a girl...yippee!! But I have two more to come up with for boys in the next few weeks.

This little ensemble started as a plain sweater and hat set which morphed into a Sweet Pea creation.  I love adding my own personal touches, such as the edging around the sweater, ribbon ties, and the pretty little flowers on the hat.  Maybe next time, if I have more time, I will sew the outfit to go with it, but this time I just added a store bought jumper which complemented the colors and softness of the set.

 I couldn't resist adding the little maryjane shoes (my own design) and then I felt like I needed to add the little socks with matching edging.  The socks are super easy, so I it's really a quick way to add an additional personal touch.

 Now, onto deciding what to make the little boys.  I'll post what I come up with soon!