Monday, April 22, 2013

Puppy Hugging

Lucky for us, K1 has an insane amount of service hours she has to complete for school. How is that lucky? Well, because we get to go with her and do fun stuff. 
Like puppy hugging!
 Theses puppies are about 8 weeks old and boy do they have a lot of energy!
 And they just love to play.
Or get lots of hugs.
How can you resist?

These puppies are getting socialized by volunteers at the Southeastern Guide Dogs campus in Palmetto, Florida. Puppy hugging is so popular, that starting in May, you have to make a reservation. This is for the puppies (to not get overwhelmed) and for the volunteers (to have enough puppy to go around). The puppies will remain here until they are 9-11 weeks old and then they will go to a foster family.

After getting our cuteness overload, we walked over to another building to walk the slightly older dogs. 
These dogs have been with a foster family for the past year and are now back on campus for training before going to their forever owner.
K2 was too young to walk the dogs, but she could go with an adult who would hold the leash. Good thing, too, because these dogs are strong!
 After a nice long walk, it was time to brush them.
It was hard to say goodbye after such a short time, but we were all filled with joy and so excited about what the future would hold for these service dogs.
How could you not fall in love with that face?

I think we will definitely go back.
Can't get to Palmetto? You can see the puppies here on the puppy cam, live! Hope you enjoyed seeing our visit as much as we enjoyed going.

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