Monday, March 25, 2013

Anything Goes

I'm letting this show title inspire me and giving you a behind the scenes look at our Broadway shows experience, minus my stressful commute into Downtown Tampa which is always a treat remedied by a glass of wine upon arrival.
 After parking in the low ceiling, narrow mazed garage (stressor #2, for those of you counting) we always stop for a posed photo with the current show poster. K1 has been getting braver with her poses here lately. I guess when you have legs as long as hers, tucking them under you while sitting on the ground isn't very comfortable.
We get our playbill and head to our seats.

Photos aren't allowed during the show, so we get in what we can prior to the lights going down. Sometimes we get a nice display on the stage to photograph as well. Then the fun begins. You wouldn't believe the work it takes to get one good photo in to share on the blog.

Photo #1 

 Whoops. Too dark to not use the flash.

Photo #2

OK, but K1 didn't like it.

Photo #3

Oh my sweet, goofy girl. I could box your ears!
Notice that I put some lip gloss on? 

Photo #4

 I swear she didn't have any wine. "Do it again, mom. I'll open my eyes real big this time."

Photo #5

Yep. She did. Really big.

Photo #6

Seriously? I'm going blind from the flash with all these pictures and you close your eyes?!?!

Photo #7

Ok. I'm just done. Actually, we usually take a lot more. K1 starts getting really goofy and if we are early enough to the show, we will spend ten minutes sticking our tongues out at the camera. Like we did here at "Sister Act".
No one can accuse us of not having a good time. 

Parking = $4
Ticket = $220/season tickets
Being crazy with your daughter = truly "priceless"
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