Tuesday, January 22, 2013


The girls are getting older and we suddenly realized that we have never taken them to the circus. A serious crime since their headquarters are just a few miles down the road. Let me tell you, today's circus is not like I remember it.
How cute is it that this elephant paints? They gave that painting away in a drawing, but we didn't win.
The prices were outrageous. I suppose since they have to compete with other large shows, they have to keep up with what they offer. It was all really well choreographed and fun to watch.
The tigers used to be exciting to me. Now it's just kind of sad. I much prefer to see tigers out in the wild. K1 doesn't like seeing white tigers. She discovered that white tigers are "created" by inbreeding and usually result in birth defects. I had no idea.You can read more about it here.
Bring on more thrills. I had my doubts that this young woman could be shot out of a cannon in such a small space, but sure enough it happened!
My favorite part of the whole circus was the elephants. They seemed to enjoy the crowds and the audience. I know that they are social creatures, but they all really seemed to love performing.
How amazing is this? I swear those elephants were smiling. They are truly extraordinary. We spoke to one of the caretakers and you could see how much she loved working with these animals. 
I think everyone should experience the circus at least once. Who knows what it will be like in another 30 years?

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